FREE Techie Diva Wallpaper Download

So you noticed our makeover heh? We get tired of looking at the same ole design just like you do, so we wanted to treat your eye a bit and give Techie Diva a more edgy make over as she goes through her "Retro Rebel" stage. But no matter what we dress her in, she still looks adorable.  We want to offer you a FREE Wallpaper Download to give your laptop or computer screen a makeover too. We probably will keep changing and experimenting with the backgrounds, so keep checking back. Yeah, we tend to get a bit creative around these parts, not to mention, bored. Hope you enjoy this little treat!  Thanks to Charlene Chua for dressing up our Diva, she is a phenomenal artist.

Right click on this picture to download pink version.Techiedivapink

Click here, and do a Save As to save the black wallpaper.



  1. 13 August, 2005 at 04:13

    i LOOOVE YOUR WALLPAPER!! HEY! do you do these graphics yourself??

    thank you for posting about my project!!

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