Print any design on your Nails

NailartNail Fashion has never been this fun. Imaginail is the creator of the Nail Fashion PrinterTM which can print one or more different close-to-photo quality designs onto all ten nails in under four minutes. You can choose from over 3,500 designs. Check out their gallery to see what kind of art can be applied to your nails. The fab printer is available for distribution in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Sacramento, California; and Staten Island, New York. The don't mention where you can get this super fast manicure. The latest model comes with a stand alone, swivel screen which gives the salon more mobility and flexibility. Getting your nails done in under 4 minutes will definitely keep me coming back to the salon. If only they had a hair machine. Not looking forward to my next 2-hour appointment.

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  1. Digi Nail Art 22 October, 2005 at 06:07

    This is great technology, but Digi Printers ltd has gone one step further. The new nail art machine prints five nails at once saving 30% off the total print time. There is also an easy to change adapter enabling toenails to be printed. If super fast wasn’t fast enough, now its even faster.

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