Slackers TV

Koppic_webreadyKopin’s Cyber Display 180K color-filter microdisplay is now integrated into Scalar's Teleglass, to  become the world's smallest video eyewear for video-on-the-go. For those of you who have a long commute to work (ie: not while driving, but riding on public transit) or have time to slack a bit around the office, this eyewear design projects images in high-resolution video, creating a virtual 28-inch TV screen as viewed from seven feet away. It can be connected to a mobile phone, portable DVD player or digital camera to project images in either the left or right eye, enabling the wearer to privately watch movies or TV, read text or view pictures without obstructing the other eye. Basically, they want to make it impossible for you break away from the TV, so they can continue to subliminally feed marketing messages into your brain. The evils of technology!

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