Project DU Blog Feed

Winamp2  Project DU is a network of top blogs designed to inform you and entertain you. The network includes 30 blogs to bring you the latest in entertainment, sports, technology, music and daily reads. If you don't have a blog reader or just want to organize your collection of blogs, download their PDU Blog Reader. It’s customizable so you can add your own channels, feeds and create your own favorites icons.  Techie Diva has been included in this network, so if you want to have all our up to date stories, this is an easy and fun way to stay updated. Today they launched a new site full of good stories and blog feeds from blogs such as Jossip, PopBytes, and Stereogum.  I have also joined their group of Editors, and will be bringing you the latest technology stories, so check it out! [Gina]

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