Sony's MP3 Players-Shuffle Killer?

Sony_nw_mp3players Sony has announced the soon to be released NW-E50x and NW40x Flash players with sleek and colorful designs that will be attracting consumers looking for an alternative to the iPod Shuffle. The the E50x Series will have an FM radio, 512MB and 1GB versions, MP3(as well as ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, WMA, and WAV) support, and connect via USB . Sony claims it will operate for a staggering 50 hours on a single charge (with certain restrictions) but it beats the iPod Shuffle 18 hour play time. The E40x series will not have a radio, which is the only difference between these two players. The round pendant style players pictured are the NW-E100 Series that will come in six different colors and will run on an AAA battery for 70 hours playback. (via Register)

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