rabbidsHere at Techie Diva, we love to highlight the latest, most fashionable gadgets in the tech industry, which is why this year we're taking our show on the road and hosting a special Techie Diva "Tech Zone" in several Backstage Creations Retreats. These chic backstage retreats expose celebrities and presenters attending some of the most publicized television awards shows to new products and services in a relaxed atmosphere where companies can personally introduce their product to guests.

We've already made plans to attend this year's Teen Choice Awards, Country Music Awards, Latin Billboard Awards, and the College Emmys, and would love to bring you backstage with us.

High profile celebrities attending this year's shows may include Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Jonas Brothers, Fergie, and Scarlett Johansson so this is your chance to personally introduce your product to our guests and get some mega exposure from key media outlets.

We would love to feature some of your techie, fun products in our Tech Zone because if you visit Techie Diva, we know you're in the know. If you want more details about how to be part of our "Tech Zone," please contact Gina Hughes at 866 523 1974 or email me at techiedivas at yahoo dotcom.

Here are some dates:

3/21- College Emmys-partnership w mtvU.com- LA (over 7 million college students)

4/5- Academy of Country Music Awards- Vegas (powerful demographic- Country dominates radio, with more than 2,000 stations playing the music and more buying power from consumers than any other demographic than Latin)

4/23- Latin Billboard Awards- Miami

7/15- American Century Golf Tournment- Lake Tahoe (star athletes like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Tony Romo, Marcus Allen, John Elway, Dan Marino, Jerry Rice)

/9- Teen Choice Awards- LA