Here’s How Vaping Technology Has Gone Crazy

Cast your mind back to 2007, when the first vaping devices hit the British market: those ugly, cigarette look-alikes, which lacked power, didn’t last very long and were frankly a pretty unpleasant vape. Then imagine your vaping device today: no matter what brand you are using, how much it cost and what extra features it comes with; the difference will unquestionably be night and day. No-one can question that vaping has come a long way, in an incredibly short period of time: it has moved from the stone-age to the iron age in the blink of an eye; and leading vaping brands allow you to choose from various vaping devices, continually finding new innovations to make your vaping experience safer and more enjoyable. This constant evolution makes it difficult to keep up with all the latest technology, so here is a rundown of what is available on the burgeoning vaping market.

Amazing new e-liquids

It may be slightly obvious, but the growth in the range and variety of e-liquids available has revolutionized vaping- 7700 flavours approximately!? We vapers can choose from a vast spectrum of flavours and nicotine concentrations, to really give ourselves the perfect vaping experience. The sheer plethora of vape shops available on our door step or at the click of a button provide us a huge menu of safe e-liquids to titillate our senses and take vaping from something that satisfies a need, to something that is really enjoyable.

Small and aesthetically pleasing rigs

Vaping gear is becoming smaller, sleeker and more beautiful: the days of big bulky, vape rigs that you were slightly embarrassed to use in public are long gone. The next generation of vaping devices is here: combining amazing aesthetics, with being small enough to carry around.

Intelligent Vaping Gear

Some vaping devices are starting to give detailed computerized information on everything from the amount of nicotine used, to whether the coil needs to be changed. Expect this to increase further in the next 5 years and vaping to become a truly digital experience.

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Sub-Ohm Tanks

Tank technology is becoming ever more advanced: with the best rigs now offering sub-ohm tanks, which provide less resistance and vaporise the liquid more efficiently. These kinds of tanks really are at the forefront of the market at the moment and can only be found at a selection of vendors, but in the future every vaping device will likely have one.

Vaping batteries, last longer

In the bad old days, one of the worst things about vaping was the quality of the battery: you either had to be incredibly organised, carrying a spare (make sure you read about battery safety here) with you all the time; or run the risk of it running out at the most inopportune of times. Thankfully, that is starting to change and vaping batteries are lasting longer and longer: watch this space because companies are still investing huge amounts in battery R&D and in 5 years’ time your device may last forever.

Vaping starter kits, for beginners

Vaping is a bit like a technologically accelerated version of drinking wine: to truly get the most out of a rig, you need a high degree of experience and expertise. Thankfully manufacturers have recognised this and provide wonderful starter kits, which are the perfect way to learn how to use an uncomplicated vaping device, before you move on to something more advanced. These starter kits are normally easy to fill, easy to change and easy to use and are ideal for anyone who wants to give vaping a try.

All these technical innovations mean that we are heading towards a ‘Golden Age’ of vaping: with smaller gear, more flavours and a whole host more benefits. When it comes to vaping, the future is here, so to speak: so check out their wide range of rigs, e-liquids and vaping equipment.