Bellysonic Speaker Pouch

We've seen childcare experts claim that babies are able to respond to external stimuli well even when they're in the womb, so for parents who think that their kid is going to be the Next Big Thing in the world (most parents do anyways), they'll go all out to bombard the kid with genius music from Mozart while the little one is still busy bubbling within the womb. Instead of placing a set of headphones across the swollen abdominal area of mummy, why not pick up the Bellysonic Speaker Pouch? This device is worn loosely around the belly for easy movement, and it is made from organic material to prevent untoward allergic reactions. In addition, it helps both mom and child relax with soothing music, thanks to the inclusion of a sound splitter. You can pick up the Bellysonic Speaker Pouch for $79.95.

Product Page via ChipChick

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