Recipe Divider helps save time

Time is of the essence for the modern woman - she not only has a high flying career to juggle with, she also has to make sure that her family is well fed and well taken care of. Eating out gets pretty expensive after a while, so why not choose the more affordable and healthier alternative by staying at home to chow down? After all, you'll save more in terms of gas and service charges, while being able to forge a closer relationship with the rest of your family members. For those who have yet to master the art of cooking, here's a recipe divider that saves time thanks to its magnet that is able to calculate precise measurements required to divide or multiply a recipe so that you will have just enough. It caters to both standard and metric conversions, featuring base measurements from a quarter teaspoon to one cup (or 1 1/4 to 237 ml). Pick one up for $12.98.

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