HP TouchSmart tx2 notebook now out

Touching is good, as evident by the Nintendo DS Lite as well as the phenomenal success of the iPhone and iPhone 3G. HP is not blind to this fact, which explains why its latest notebook, the HP TouchSmart tx2 also comes with a 12.1" touchscreen display. This model targets people who want their digital content at their fingertips - both figuratively and literally, of course, thanks to the technology involved. It seems that using one's fingertip makes navigation more intuitive compared to the mouse and keyboard, but I'm pretty sure this is not everyone's cup of tea. Casual navigation is fine if you want to use fingers, but when things get more serious including the use of precise software, then nothing beats a high resolution laser mouse at this point in time. More on the TouchSmart tx2 right after the jump.

Many people are impressed with Apple's multi-touch solution on the new range of MacBook and MacBook Pros in addition to the iPhone, and HP has included such technology onto its display as well. With multi-touch, you can have quick and easy access to information, entertainment and other social media. It relies on capacitative multi-touch technology to be able to recognize simultaneous input from more than one finger, and this also allows for the implementation of various gestures including pinch, rotate, arc, flick, press and drag, and single and double tap.

With a convertible design, you are able to turn the TouchSmart TX2 from a regular notebook into an instant tablet PC with a simple twist of the hinge. It also comes with a built-in rechargeable digital ink pen which is used whenever the TX2 is meant to function as a tablet, enabling one to write, draw, sketch, take notes or even churn out an impromptu graph on the display there and then - software will automatically turn any handwriting into typed text - hopefully it is accurate enough for even the most illegible handwriting!

Pricing for the HP TouchSmart TX2 start from $1,149 upwards, depending on the hardware configuration.


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