Automower relies on solar power to move

Everyone likes a nicely trimmed garden, but getting it done yourself is hard work. Most of the time, one's inexperience will show through with uneven cutting and bald patches of grass here and there. Why not leave it to the professionals? In this instance, we have the Automower that is solar-powered. This means it will not only help turn your garden into a beautiful, flat and green surface (assuming you wire the lawn correctly as the Automower will use these wires as a reference point), it doe so without polluting our beloved environment. The price to pay for such luxury is a cool $3,100, but at least it comes with built-in kid and pet friendly features. It will take approximately 10 hours of direct charging under the sun to trim a quarter of an acre. The Automower is smart enough to run to its charging station each time it runs low on juice, so you will be able to leave it running loose in your garden with minimal supervision.

Source: Luxury Launches

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