Unique saltshakers liven up mealtimes

Certain products that have been released to date was so obvious, I am pretty sure that some of us must be thinking to ourselves, "How come I didn't think of this before?". That is a question that can be painful to answer, especially when you're short on cash and wished that your ancestors were the ones who invented the wheel so that you can sit back and collect royalties all day long (if only they had patented and copyrighted it, of course). Here is a couple of dining table accessories that will definitely resonate positively with any self-respecting geek - the P and S pepper and salt shakers. Obviously, the first alphabet of the respective condiments is denoted on top, so you don't have to confuse yourself about a single hole or three containing either one or the other. Made from ABS plastic with a silicone base, they will cost around $17.

Source: ChipChick

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