LG KS360 goes all pink

LG has decided to go all pink and girly with its KS360 slider cell phone, so boyfriends or husbands who have erred their other half will have yet another way to remedy their wrongs with this handset thanks to the female oriented color. The pink LG KS360 will be available from Orange and will retain all the technical specifications of the ordinary colored KS360s. The new color is not what makes this special, but also the ability to access free social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace via a PAYG Dolphin package to keep up with the latest gossip. Imagine catching your friend's man out with another woman around his arms - snap a photo with the LG KS360 and upload it to Facebook for your friend to see and sort him out later in the evening. You can pick up this handset for $139 from Orange.

Source: Gizmodiva

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