Cyber Clean helps keep keyboard clean

Your keyboard is probably one of the dirtiest peripherals you will ever own in the course of your life. Consider the numerous nooks and crannies that all the keys have between them – just imagine the amount of dirt and crumbs which fall inside over the course of the device's lifetime? Cleaning out the crevices is no mean task, and most USB keyboard vacuum cleaners do not work as prescribed. Enter Cyber Clean - a slime-like material that not only gets rid of muck in your keyboard's numerous crevices, it also boasts antibacterial properties which is able to wipe out up to 80% of those nasty lifeforms during the process of cleaning. This ooze will seep into all tiny corners, picking up stuff like last month's pizza crumbs, hair, skin, nails and absorb it into itself - along with millions of bacterial carcasses in the process. Once the blob is done with its current life cycle, the color will change so that you know it is time to fork out £7.95 and purchase a new one.

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