Rockola Mystic Touch Screen Digital Jukebox

I would like the to think that the Rockola Mystic Touch Screen Digital Jukebox is pretty self-explanatory - you get a touch screen interface which makes navigation and operation a snap, what with the iPhone really kicking off the entire touch screen fever globally. This device can be mounted on your wall, allowing you to navigate through your digital music library effortlessly. It seems to be intuitive enough to use without a manual, and here are some of the specifications of this £3,295 ($5,800) monstrosity. Definitely not something for any Tom, Dick or Harry in these economically challenging times, that's for sure.

  • 160GB of Storage for up to 2800 CDs
  • Automatic download of album data including cover art, track details, album reviews
  • Import from USB and previously ripped files
  • Automatically updates and adds new features at no extra charge
  • On screen catalogue by album cover or text
  • Simple, intuitive drag and drop play system
  • Burn to CD or export to iPod, generic MP3 player or USB flash drive
  • Add the Rockola Mystic to your home PC through WiFi for even more music file sharing features
  • Customize the screen saver with your own photos and even customize album artwork for your own compilation CD'\s
  • Two-Zone volume control
  • 5-Band graphic equalizer with on-screen controls
  • SoftFade user-managed engine delivers incredibly smooth cross-fade and soft volume transitions
  • Password protection options control access to volume, settings and playlists

Source: Luxury Launches

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