MSI working on new Wind model

The MSI Wind has certainly been a decent performer in the world of netbooks, and MSI is pleased enough with its performance to warrant its engineers work on a new model of the Wind. The Wind 2, also known by its more formal model number name as the U120, will target business folk as well as the more serious, whereas the Wind U100 caters more for casual users such as teenagers and their families. MSI might be looking into a ThinkPad-style design, although industrial wise, the U120 will be a totally different creature compared to the original Wind. It has been confirmed that the Wind 2 will ship with a hard drive first, followed by a SSD option at a later date. The 10" display and 1GB RAM features will be retained, and it is tipped to be released at the end of next month or early December - just in time for Christmas.

Source: Laptopmag

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