Climbatron robot races up window panes

Are you feeling bored at the office? If you're somewhere up on the 25th floor or thereabouts, have you and your equally bored colleague decided to get these Climbatron robots? They're able to compete in a window pane race, but woe to you (and the Climbatrons) if the building's exterior is not made entirely out of glass. Each Climbatron comes with simple suction cups that help haul itself upwards against gravity's pull, and makes a whirring sound as it goes up. It will flash lights as it makes its way up, but strangely enough it lacks a stop sensor, so it will continue to go upwards even after reaching the top. I'd suggest you use this indoors, as I'm not sure how you're going to explain to the cops on how a falling £7.95 managed to bust a new Porsche parked directly below.

Source: Electricpig

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