In-car Microwave

There is nothing quite like having a nice, steaming hot meal right in front of you when you're tired after a long day's work. Think about those people who have to drive great distances in their line of work, transporting goods and keeping various industries' logistics well-oiled. Those folk deserve a hot meal as well, but where is one going to get this in the middle of nowhere? This is where the In-Car microwave from Maplin comes in - it is a portable microwave oven that is connected to the vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter, allowing you to heat up just whatever meal (and drink) you have with you at the moment to bring you back to the cozy confines of home - at least for a while. At $180 a pop, this isn't too much to ask for something so useful IMHO, although some people might beg to differ.

Product Page via Slippery Brick

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