7-Range Sound Level Meter

Ever wondered just what kind of noise level is around you? Up to which decibel are you comfortable with, and is your neighborhood conducive enough to live in? With the 7-Range Sound Level Meter, the answers to those questions are revealed.

7-Range Sound Level Meter is an extremely versatile device for measuring sound intensity in just about any acoustic environment loud or soft; high-pitched or low-pitched, broadband; intermittent or continuous. You can use it to measure noise level in factories, schools, offices, airports, or check acoustics of studios, auditoriums and home theater installations. It features a large, easy-to-read indicator for taking quick measurements anywhere. Power is supplied by a 9-volt rectangular battery, so the unit is very portable.

No idea on what the average Joe would want to do with a device like this, but if you happen to be interested in a local librarian, why not get her this for $31 and see sparks fly? After all, ladies love guys who are interested in what they do as well.

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