iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 3G

iSkin has rolled out its new DuoBand for the iPod nano 3G, offering powerful protection that comes in a flexible armband solution without sacrificing on style.

The DuoBand features a hybrid iPod protector that integrates a soft premium silicone layer with a two tone ViSOR accented with a sleek metallic finish for an elegant and sophisticated yet sporty look. The two layers work together to help protect the iPod nano against shock, impact, moisture, screen scratching and other damage caused by everyday use during leisure and recreational activities. In addition, the armband section of the DuoBand features a slide-in design that enables users to transition their iPod between their active lifestyle and their leisure lifestyle – and back again -- without skipping a beat. Through a unique bracket featuring a soft silicone “comfort zone”, the iPod nano connects to a breathable, moisture-resistant band that keeps owners comfortably connected to their iPod during all levels of activity. And whenever they wish, users easily slide their fully protected iPod nano out of the armband bracket and continue enjoying their beloved device.

You will be able to choose from Amp and Maxum color combinations, where the former features energy red with metallic accent while the latter sports power black with carbon accent. the iSkin DuoBand will retail for $39.99.

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