Indian god Ganesh gets diamond Motorola

Word has it that the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, India, is well known for its deity Lord Ganesh granting favors to devotees, which in turn is no surprise when hopeful devotees leave a thing of value for Lord Ganesh from time to time. This time around, a fulfilled devotee decided to repay whatever favors received with a diamond-encrusted Motorola K1, although I don't think a deity has any need for a cell phone. What carrier plans is he going to stick to, anyways? The Motorola K1 model in question is currently residing at the Abhishek counter of the temple for curious onlookers. It will soon be put up for a public auction, so if you're interested do contact the local authorities on how to snag yourself one. Man, I need a new phone and am too broke to buy one - is there any vacancy for a deity somewhere?

Source: Luxury Launches

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