ContinentalMobiles offer the Midas touch

Just how much money would make you happy? Apparently, the right answer is ,"Just one more dollar." I guess the same applies to not only money but other precious things in life such as treasured possessions and jewelry. The marriage of technology and jewelry isn't new, but it amazes me that there are people who would actually fork out insane amounts of money to pick up a gold covered and diamond studded cell phone. caters for such a market, offering a bunch of handsets and iPods that feature gold, white gold, rose gold or diamond enhancements. All the cell phones available are already unlocked, and each purchase comes with a pair of white gloves to prevent you from smudging it. Not too practical, but great for earning bragging rights. Prices start from £1,499 for the phones and £599 upwards for iPods.

Source: Chipchick

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