Aquabeat MP3 Player

How many of you go swimming? Don't you just feel left out compared to other forms of exercise, as those who opt for cycling, jogging and even weight lifting can always enjoy their favorite tunes, but you being the underwater baby that you are, have to be content with just splashes and bubbles. Of course, advancements such as waterproof iPod cases and waterproof headphones have been made, but those are still rather bulky solutions to date. Enter the iRiver Aquabeat waterproof MP3 player. This unique digital audio player measures a tiny 61mm x 46mm x 20mm and weighs just 35 grams, making sure it doesn't get in your way when it comes to creating a new personal best. It is compatible with MP3 and WMA file formats, boasting a 1GB storage capacity and enough juice to last up to 9 hours before a recharge is required. That's much longer than you can swim in one go, making this $145 device a worthwhile purchase.

Source: AVing

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