Remy blanket wakes you up gently

Using natural, soft light to wake one up instead of the uncouth blare of an alarm clock isn't a new idea, but the Remy blanket concept you see here takes things to a totally different level. Yes, it will still simulate dawn while trying to get your sleepy body out of bed, but there is more technology than just going off at a preset time. This biometric blanket is smart enough to track your sleep patterns, where a distant camera will record all your body movements throughout the time you're getting some shuteye, and when it deciphers the right time to wake you up, light patters within the blanket will light up. Sounds like a good idea only for those who want to sleep in during a holiday, but for the rest of us who need to rush off to work, relying on our sleep patterns isn't such a good idea as we need a rude jolt to get going.

Source: Yanko Design

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