Hello Kitty fans, take note!

So you've just gotten mom a spanking new digital camera, and she absolutely loves snapping so many photos, you start to wonder whether the camera itself is at risk of being scratched or dropped since it sees so much use. Why not get both of you some peace of mind at the same time surprise mom with a simple Mother's Day gift with this Hello Kitty digita camera pouch? Hakubaphoto has a trio of camera pouch designs, and all of them feature a similar design albeit different color schemes to suit your mom's taste. Each pouch measures 94mm x 25mm x 64mm and weighs 60 grams, which means only compact consumer digital cameras will be able to fit in without too much of a problem. Larger sized semi-professional digital cameras are out of the question, so let's not even go into dSLR territory.

Source: Akihabaranews

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