PowerCube 600

Many years back, the only gadget you'd think was essential to everyday life was the humble cell phone. Fast forward a decade or so, and here we are folks who cannot leave their homes without the aforementioned cell phone (or smartphone), an iPod or portable media player of choice, a handheld console (DS Lite or PSP), and perhaps even a PDA. The issue of power then comes in, and it isn't always the case where you will be able to be in the vicinity of a power outlet. Enter the PowerCube 600 that is capable of pumping out 600 watts of power, relying on the sun to provide you with electricity thanks to its internal batteries. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly pocket-sized and is more suitable for homes who want to pay less for their monthly power bill, as it weighs a massive 2,000 pounds. Best to leave this sitting in your garden, I'd say.

 Source: Gadget Venue

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