OPPO Up-Converting DVD Player

This DVD player was quite an experience for me as it's completely feature-packed and with so much to offer, I wanted to test out the many different ways this player can work.  The OPPO 1080p offers extremely good image quality when outputting movies that I had on hand.  It has DivX/Xvid support, too, so you won't find yourself having to convert movies in order to view them on your TV.

The player utilizes the 7.1 Channel audio with Dolby Digital Surround EX decoding, which means you will feel like you are in the middle of the movie and your speakers will bring you each delicate sound as it was meant to be heard.  You can also use the USB 2.0 for external gadgets that you store photos or videos on, and a slide show that uses the resolution of your HDTV to show your photos off to others.2294297514 e7d1d5bcc8

And, to deliver you the best quality, the player uses HDMI for a crisp look and sound.  Delivering high-quality video and audio without the hassle of multiple cables, this is one feature I was quite impressed with.  I certainly recommend you look at the features on the OPPO site, I could only outline my favorites here, and the pricing of the OPPO is incredibly competitive, in fact I feel that it performs on the higher range and is priced with the lower ranged products, which makes it really shine!

OPPO also features a product comparison chart so that you know which player would best suit YOUR needs.

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