KOTA triceratops for kids

Kids have it great these days with tons and tons of different toys to capture their imagination. All I had back then was some scraps of paper and a pencil, the rest was up to me. I know I would've died to own a KOTA - a soft walking triceratops dinosaur where tiny tots will be able to ride ala Turok. The manufacturer, Playskool, claim that the KOTA makes authentic dinosaur roars - no idea how they figured that out. KOTA will react to eleven areas on its body, and it ambles along while playing jungle songs and adventure-themed tunes at the flick of a button. Apparently the KOTA will snack on leafy greens as well if you give it, but don't worry about its digestive system as the only waste it produces are half a dozen D batteries required to power it. The KOTA will be made available this fall for $300 a pop.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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