Evolve Wireless Speakers

Griffin's Evolve wireless iPod speakers are a cool way to enjoy sound in a compact area or on the run.  The speakers are detachable and have rechargeable batteries that charge up when docked...but you can use them for up to 10 hours when away from the docking station.  The base also charges up your iPod and keeps it going strong with your beats.

For around $300 you can purchase this as a gift or enjoyment for yourself.  Gives you the freedom to place your sound wherever you think it would be best.  CNET's review on the Griffin Technology site says:2083899663 35feaa68d1

"Griffin Evolve is the first wireless speaker system that really lives up to the name."
- CNET gives Evolve an 8 out of 10

Even better, the setup comes with a nice RF remote so you can kick back and relax while choosing your favorite tunes!

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