USB Warmer Cushion keeps tush toasty


Summer has ended all too soon and the dreary winter will soon be upon us. Thankfully, Thanko has gadgets that will prepare you for even the chilliest winter day with this USB Warmer Cushion. Once you hook it up to any available (and powered) USB port, you'll soon start thawing out, starting from your bum to the rest of your body. There is even a heat control dial that makes this USB Warmer Cushion suitable for even the most sensitive of bums. The inclusion of a USB AC charger is a masterstroke for those who can't seem to find a USB port in sight. This would make a nifty early Christmas gift, retailing for just $25.83 each. After all, it'd accompany the USB Warmer mouse perfectly.

Product Page via SCI FI Tech

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