Laptop Lids Show School Pride

Do you need to add spark to your laptop before heading off to college?  Check out the Laptop Lids site and find one way to decorate the top of your laptop and add a little protection.  If you're like me, you have a few personalization stickers on your laptop, showing your style off a bit.

One way to show your school pride off is to cover the lid with your school logo.  Laptop Lids offers this option as well as an American flag decoration to help you show others who you support.  With three sizes available, large comes in at 9x14 for a 17" setup, medium is 9x12 for 15" to 15.4" displays and small is 8x11 for 14" display models.

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Logos that you can choose include local schools here in Texas but you can also head to the custom laptop cover ordering page and if you have a minimum order of 25, you can customize your Laptop Lid to your hearts desire.  Company and school logos, your favorite photo for family members and many other options come to mind.

And, talk about fast shipping!  If you're in a hurry, I can tell you that I got mine in two days as promised (they estimate 2-3 day delivery, I was impressed) and after applying the decal to my laptop I removed it to see if the promised "residue free" claim was true.  It was easy to remove and did not leave sticky backing like a sticker would.  Much easier and cleaner to deal with.  They do recommend you remove it with the laptop closed, which I did follow.

Look at the About Us page for more information on how and why the company started.  It looks to me like the company is open to new design ideas and would work with most anyone that needed a specific logo.  Creative!

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