Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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In January of this year, I wrote my predictions for the new gadgets of 2007. I mentioned in the article that there would be multi colored iPod Shuffles (#17) and a good waterproof MP3 player (#19). Well both of my predictions have come true, SwimMan has developed the 1st 100% waterproof iPod and headphones. Many of us have seen waterproof cases for the iPod's.  However, this is a completely waterproofed iPod Shuffle from the inside-out. There is no caseing or case and this is only for the 2nd generation iPod Shuffles.

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SwimMan have developed a waterproof technology for the multi colored 2nd generation iPod Shuffle.  Just a small reminder, the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle is a 1GB flash mp3 player that comes in a range of great colors for the summer; pink, blue, orange, green, and of course silver.

There is a number of different features of how you can buy this iPod Shuffle with SwimMan:
Package A: You can buy the waterproof iPod Shuffle & headphones for $250
Package B: Buy only the waterproof iPod Shuffle $150
Package C: Buy only the waterproof headset/earphones $100
Package D: Earbud replacements $10/pair
Package E: Waterproofing of your current iPod Shuffle $75. Package E is great if you already have an iPod shuffle. Just send in your iPod Shuffle and they will waterproof it!!!

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