Hyperdog 2-Ball Launcher gives your arms a rest

hyperdog-ball-launcherHaving a dog can be a joy, but it comes with some pretty heavy responsibility. Just because you're a couch potato doesn't mean your pooch needs to stay at home all day long, watching TV and feeding off the chip crumbs you dropped. No sir, what a dog needs are daily walks and a good game of catch to keep it healthy and strong over the course of its lifetime. Playing catch with a dog can be fun, but after a fair number of throws, you will probably end up too tired despite your dog's best pleas by whining and showing those puppy eyes you adore.

The Hyperdog 2-Ball Launcher is here to save the day, featuring a collapsible arm that can throw a ball up to 220 feet away. This device uses tennis balls as the projectile of choice, which is a good move IMHO since you can easily purchase new tennis balls off the shelf in case your mutt loses the track of the ball. Now you can sit down at the park and have a pleasant picnic under the lovely weather without tiring yourself out throwing balls that probably fall less than 100 feet away from you. Dog owners who are interested in the Hyperdog 2-Ball Launcher will have to fork out $29.95 for it.

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