Charge Your Phone, Kill Those Germs

Cly82iijpg I've been sick for the past two weeks, and looking for ways to disinfect all my peripherals. Besides using Purell before surfing, I can't think of any other way to kill germs on my mouse and keyboard. A company overseas that runs coin operated mobile phone chargers, claims they also disinfect and sterilize phones while they're charging. Staytalking's vending machines have LCD screens for video advertising, and all chargers have a UV lamp to sterilze those nasty phones. I don't know if those UV lamps will actually kill germs, but let's hope they do. The latest research by Dial-A-phone says a cell phone contains more bacteria than any other object including your toilet seat, door handle or the bottom of your shoe.

A Dial-a-Phone spokesperson comments: "We take our phones everywhere, being in close contact with our mouths, hands and faces their bound to collect all sorts of nasty germs. The images make look scary but our advice to phone users is to ensure they clean them regularly with an antibacterial wipe!" Yuck.

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