Condolences to Kim Family

All of us here at would like to give our condolences to the Kim family for their loss. This has been a hard time for this family and they're going through a lot. Some of us here at Techiediva have personally gone through a loss in our family too. There are no words to bring the person back, but now the family has something that is closer to them than before. James is still continuing his love for his family & friends at all times. He is still watching out for them just as he did in his heroic efforts. He will be with his family every step they take from this day forward.

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(Photo taken in front of one of the Kim's stores)

I personally started watching product reviews from because of James Kim. He brought a friendly, happy manner to the reviews that were easy for all people to understand. If the people did not understand all his technical language, you still enjoyed wit personality, body language, and smile. He was even reachable through e mail, where he responded to my e mails in the past. He was a very patient man and kind enough to take the time out of his busy day to help people out.  Our goal at
Techiediva is to give you the same service as James gave his fans. However, there is only one James Kim. Our hearts go out to the friends at & the family.

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