PostworX Has Laptops Sliding

Do you often take your laptop to places and need to share, pick-up, move and otherwise manipulate it?  Visit the PostWorX site and watch a video about the Twistball.

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This gadget is definitely useful and keeps you from grabbing the laptop screen to lift it off a table.  It also allows you the flexibility to share and move the laptop where it is most needed.  Just don't push too hard...I'd hate to see it slide to the floor.

295555391 83c43889bc mTwistball is fully removable and they also keep your laptop at a perfect angle for those of us that like to use a slightly elevated keyboard for typing. 

They come in several different colors to match your laptop and keep things looking sleek.  You can either remove them or keep them on during use and after.  It is completely up to you.

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