Free to Be!


Looking for a way to be truly untethered with your notebook, without having to actually have a formal network and a standalone computer acting as server for all your odds and ends of pictures, music, movies etc?

Linksys has the just the solution for you, in the form of the Linksys WRTSL54GL Wireless-G Media Storage Link Router (with Speedbooster). If you're really a digital diva, you probably have your momentos stored on external drives, most computers have maybe 2-3 usb ports, and you can quickly find all your ports filled.

This is where the Media Router comes in, unfortunately however, the product only has one usb port, so a USB hub is also something you will have to throw in the mix but you can have your hardrives, usb printers and be wireless with two small devices and Be as Free as you wanna be!

I'm trying this solution myself, so i will keep you updated as to how well the solution really works.

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