Wattson: Eco-Friendly and Stylish Home Gadget


I love when I stumble upon a gadget that encompasses both my passion for the environment and my interest in home technology. Wattson by DIY Kyoto is one of those cool little gizmos that is techie, stylish and eco-friendly. Wattson wirelessly measures the energy consumption of your appliances, even when they’re in standby mode, through its digital display (you can view power usage in Watts or estimated cost) and through a nifty feature that changes the intensity and pattern of the light that radiates from underneath the device (kind of cool for teaching kids about conserving energy). Wattson also stores data that can be downloaded to a computer and analyzed by the software provided with the unit, or shared and compared with Wattson's online community. So, go find out how much it's costing you to tell time on your microwave... [Inhabitat]

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