CES Download: Samsung brings home the World's Largest Displays

I'm back, and in serious need for another vacation. Roaming the floors at CES was extremely exhausting, but we managed to take hundreds of snapshots in case you didn't make it to CES this year. Soooo many gizmos fighting for your attention all at once, but only a handful of them really grabbed us by the eyeballs so we'll start off with those.  One of them was of course in the Samsung section. We probably spent a a good hour in their booth just taking in all their electronics. They had a "World's Largest" section with four walls, each displaying some enourmous TV sets that included the 82" LCD TV, LED-Based LCD 82", the Largest Commercialized Plasma TV 80" and the World's First 102" Plasma you keep hearing about.


And if that didn't grab your attention, the company was showing off some of their gadgets only available in Korea.  One of them was their DMB (Digital Media Broadcast) gizmos that allow you to wireless transmit television throught the house. We also got a peek at the Serene phone, and other HDD and DMB phones only available in, you guessed it, Korea.

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