Turn Blog Feeds to Audio with Odiogo

Odiogo How many times have you been caught at work reading your favorite blogs? I  am breaking free of that habit thanks to Odiogo, a new software that converts all my favorite news feeds into spoken word. Odiogo extracts articles from blogs or news sites then converts them to MP3s so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.  It's like having a podcast of all your favorite blogs.  The software includes some 200 pre-installed feeds that include CNN, New York Times, CNET News, Wired, and Rolling Stone.  Odiogo lets you stay up to date on the latest stories during your commute, at the gym or at work which I enjoy because I get to catch up on my daily reading while I pedal to the gym. This program works with any MP3-enabled devices like your PDA, phones, laptop or iPod. The quality of the voice generated files is superb. The good folks at Odiogo even added Techie Diva into the preselected feeds, so if you don't have time to read our blog, you can convert it and loaded to your MP3. I got to download a copy, and now I am addicted. Check them out at Odiogo.com. Price: $29.99

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