Bruce Willis and his iPod


Celebrities love iPods, as much as the rest of us do. Here is what Bruce Willis says on his site about iTunes, and  music piracy:

"The Internet has turned me on to amazing music that I might otherwise have never heard of. As a Mac enthusiast I have taken the iTunes playlist concept to a new level. My friends will turn me on to a new (or old) musical influence and before you know it I’ve purchased the whole catalog and downloaded it to one my trusty little iPods, played it in all of my classic cars through the cassette players (what a re-invention of the cassette/car radio) although now they offer special attachments for the USB cable. Whether on the set or in the car an iPod is always near.
And that's cool. But, and this is important... If I dig the music and the artist based on a few good tracks, I will ABSOLUTELY go out and buy the catalog. These people make their living through their music and deserve our support.

iTunes has re-energized the singles market, iPod has revolutionized how you can enjoy music and I for one am a convert."

Also, check out his receipes on cornbread pancakes, yummy!

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