Operation Valentine's Day Hunt

Valentine's Day Tip #11:
Find a Hard to get Collectible!Vtbear_1832_3256497 

Is your Valentine a Collector? Some people like to collect teddy bears, action figures, celebrity memorabilia, comic books, etc. So this Valentine's day, share in the collectible craze or start one for your Valentine.

Remember Ty Beanie Babies? These adorable stuffed animals were the hottest collectible in the late 90's. They were inexpensive toys children could afford, but eventually became so popular, that some of the rare or retired bears were going for $5,000+.

Just to give you a heads up, there is a hunt for the "Crazy for You" teddy bear from the Vermont Bear Company.  This controversial teddy bear is currently sold out despite protest from Mental Health Advocates. The "Crazy for You" teddy bear sells for $69.99,  and comes with a “Commitment Report” stating “Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, My Heart’s Racing. Diagnosis – Crazy for You!”.

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