USB Robot 4-Port Hub

I know that USB ports are somewhat tied down to handbags and high heels - you can never get enough of those. After all, plenty of devices and peripherals these days connect to your computer via USB, which means you ought to be prepared with a USB hub of sorts on your travels lest you find yourself short. I don't quite agree with the USB Robot 4-Port Hub name given, since it looks more like a headless dog (or any other stumpy, four-legged creature) than a robot. At least the swiveling "limbs" (if I may say so) will ensure that your USB connectors from various peripherals won't get in the way of each other. When not in use, the USB Robot 4-Port Hub will be able to be kept securely with all the limbs folded down, facing each other so that they won't be broken off accidentally. The USB Robot 4-Port Hub will come in silver or black colors, retailing for $12 each.

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