Reading on the Run

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If you enjoy reading books or have a job that requires research, the Cybook device will help you out.  Using e Ink screen technology, Bookeen has designed this with a paper-like high contrast appearance to make reading easier and more comfortable to your eyes.  Even with direct sunlight, Bookeen promises you won't have much of an issue viewing your pages.

Impressive but how long will the battery last?  They boast over 8,000 page flips.  Because the Cybook doesn't use battery power while displaying the same page, there is no battery consumption.  With 64 MB of internal memory and expandable memory using SD cards you will have all the space you need to put your book collection into electronic format.

The Cybook uses a USB cable for a drag-drop convenient way to get your files on it, and reads many image file types including JPEG, PNG and GIF.  Also has a way to play MP3 files so that you can enjoy songs while reading or store a few favorites for quiet times.


  1. Gizmodo 6 November, 2007 at 13:05

    Bookeen Cybook V3 Puts a Soundtrack to Your eBooks

    The last time we talked about the Bookeen Cybook was in 2004, so we’re keen on seeing what new features made it into their Gen3 device. In short, now their eReader can handle 8,000 page turns in a single charge…

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