Musical clock with Swarovski-studded pendulum


Swarovski crystals seem to be taking a ride on virtually anything and everything these days as marketing departments worldwide seem to follow the thought where Swarovski crystals go, sales follow. Rhythm Watch Company is no different, recently introducing a musical clock in the Small World series that tells the time accurately despite displaying unpredictable actions. What makes this clock stand out with its bling factor is the addition of Swarovski crystals to the pendulum located on the lower part of the timepiece.

There are a total of 15 different types of melodies including a trio of Christmas tunes and a wide variety of functions. This musical clock measures 558mm × 416mm × 119.5mm and weighs approximately 5kg. Best if you get this only when there are no kids in your home, otherwise you could be in for a heartbreak as the musical clock retails for roughly $605 after conversion. Between the Command Key Wall Clock and this, which would you prefer?

Source: Far East Gizmos

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