Babysitter Around Your Neck

Babysitter The baby-business has been going high tech for quite a few years now, but never did we actually wear an electronic baby sitter around our neck before. Now we can: mom’s around the world, be aware… this is scary. You can strap on a contraption, attach some electrodes to junior’s bottom (yes!) and his nipples (YES!), and you will be automatically altered when he poos, or get’s cold.

It saves baby sitter costs, but really… I wonder if it also alerts you when the child is hungry, crying or just plain lonely? The concept was introduced at the ubiquitous fashionable computer show in Korea. 

I don’t really think this will catch on with parents around here though. Were would you leave the kid? At home? Or just at the coat check. In any event, you can always use it as a very fancy necklace.

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