Santa's Helper goes clubbing

Santahelper_1 Ho! Ho! Ho! It's time to break out your LED-Santa Helper's twinkling outfit for some clubbing action. What you don't have one?!?!  Don't be alarmed, you are in the high percentile (99.9%) of people who would never own one too. If you are daring enough, Enlighted shows you how to put this ensemble together with some of the lighted items they have in stock. I don't see the wig in their ready-made products, but I'm sure you can use your imagination to create one.

"The bra has miniature red LEDs embedded in the white fur trim, fading in sequence, back and forth, until you're hypnotized. And what can we say about the fabulous party-afro? Wild! Amazing! How did you ever live without one? The flashing rate of the white LEDs is user-controlled, so you can choose between high energy and chill settings."

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  1. RED Jazelle 20 December, 2005 at 10:41

    HEY! What do ya know… it’s my FRO!!! We just got back from my birthday celebration in San Fran where I wore this most amazing costume. It is soooo much fun to see the reactions on people’s faces when you walk in the room with twinkling cloths like those from Enlighted. This afro has over 50 lights that twinkle on different patterns. There are chill modes~ and SUPER DISCO modes!!! So if your talking with friends or dancing your tail off, the fro can reflect the moe joe!!!

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